Megan - London Location

Tattoo & Piercing Artist / Studio Director


Megan Paige has been a tattoo artist and piercer at Neon Crab for the last 10 years. She is a well-rounded artist, she can do many styles of tattooing such as cover-ups, fine line details, watercolour, realistic, black and grey, colour,  illustrative, miniature, tribal and many more. Do you have elements you want, but don’t know how to put them together? She can make that happen. Got just a scribble on a notepad of a back piece or sleeve idea? She can do that too. Want a piercing? She’s got you covered 🙂 Piercing just as long if not longer than tattooing Megan does it all. Anything you can think of on your ears, or face, surface piercings and dermal, male and female anatomy. Got a piercing project or jewellery idea that no one has, or you just can’t find? Megan at the end of 2020 is starting to work with custom piercing concepts/jewellery making. Or just got a weird ear and industrial piercings don’t work for you? we can sort that out, with a custom bent barbell. Being that Megan has been with us for so long she does have quite a few clients built up meaning a busy schedule. Though it may be a few months wait to get in for a tattoo with her,it is well worth it.  You can contact Megan directly anytime for questions or booking through her email or Instagram megan_paige_tattoos