Mel - Sarnia Location

Tattoo & Piercing Artist


Mel is a Sarnia based artist, originally from the U.S. Her career began in 2004 and she has worked in numerous professional studios across the U.S. and Canada, alongside many well-known artists in the industry before opening her own studio (Sacred Xpression) in Sarnia Ontario. In 2018 she joined Neon Crab under Will Graham as the opportunity presented itself to lend her talents to such a wonderful team. Mel is a member of the APP for advanced body piercings. She is intensively trained in The Human Body in Health and Disease, Human Anatomy, Blood borne Pathogens, Scarification, and much more. Mel is very much a ‘Jack Artist’ who can do it all from photo realism to traditional. New school to biomechanical. She can easily handle a range of styles, colors and hues but has become known for her watercolor work and coverup abilities across Ontario. Since joining our team, Mel has been featured in tattoo conventions, chalk events, art shows, and many local community events. And with a passion for community service, Mel is constantly active in helping within our society. She has also founded and fully funded #projectgivelove for suicide prevention and youth self-harm. Come on in and see what Mel can do for you. Or you can reach out to her through her personal email at