Manson - London Location

Tattoo Artist


As a hell raiser with an eye to heaven, the tattoo gods have been very good to him. 
Gratefully, Manson has been tattooing since the mid 90’s, developing a proficiency in a variety of tattoo styles.  

Freehand tattooing is the specialty that sets Manson apart. Manson draws your tattoo design directly onto the skin with markers, and then the tattooing begins. No stencil required. Just you, your vision of a tattoo, and Manson making the magic happen to make that tattoo design a reality. 

Of course, Manson still loves drawing on paper and using a stencil for a more classic style. Whatever suits you. 

Manson loves family, tattooing, art, gardening, riding, tinkering on things, and making secret plans for super cool projects.
Crypto enthusiast and NFT creator, freedom is essential to Manson. 

E-mail or come on down to the shop to see him, and let’s do this thing.