Elise - Sarnia Location

Tattoo & Piercing Artist


Elise has been a doodler since day one – Her mum tells stories about not needing toys to entertain her if she could scrounge a pencil and paper. Elise has been creating commission art for years for her friends, local businesses, and for some of her favourite local musicians. She has enjoyed working in a wide variety of mediums throughout past and present: paints, inks, clay/mud (vegetable gardens are art, right?), sculpture, pencils, markers, painted murals, and now tattoo! She loves hanging out with dark themes and deep stories but is also down for cartoons and jokes any day. Get a hold of Elise to brainstorm, share inspiration, and get yourself a new rad piece to add to your ever-growing tattoo collection. She would love to stab you at the Crab!!