Nina | Operations Manager

Nina brings, efficiency, order, and knowledge to the London location of Neon Crab Tattoos & Piercing. Interested in tattoos and piercing from an early age, Nina focused her education on the arts, and earned a degree in graphic design. She then began her journey into the industry with an entry level position, piercing earlobes with a piercing gun, and has continued to expand her knowledge of body modification ever since. It wasn’t long before Nina landed herself a position as a part time body piercer in a licensed tattoo studio, where she continued to excel. Always pushing to learn more, within a year, Nina became a full time piercer at Neon Crab Tattoos & Piercing. In 2014 Nina moved up to the Operations Manager position in the London location of Neon Crab, and has worked to establish some of the standardized operating procedures used in the studio today. Her extensive knowledge of piercing, blood borne pathogens, and sterile operating procedures, make her an asset to our crew. And Nina’s love for challenging piercings, dermals, and excellent customer service skills, make her a favorite among our clients. So drop by today, and let Nina make your piercing experience, one you will never forget.