Matt Duke comes to us with a wealth of experience, and outstanding artistic talent. has been compelled to make art. Born and raised right here in Hamilton, he pursued a degree in illustration at Sheridan College, graduating in 2009. Then working as an illustrator, designing logos, t-shirts, album and poster art, Matt developed his unique style. All the while, continuously developing a collection of personal projects. In 2011 he got his start in tattooing at Pleasure & Pain Ink in Mississauga, and has been tattooing ever since. Now back in Hamilton, as part of the talented Neon Crab team of artists, Matt strives to stretch his artistic impulse in some form or another every day and welcomes a creative challenge. Matt is always honoured to have an opportunity to create and collaborate with clientsand regularly adopts a wide variety of styles and visual combinations to offer a customized and unique expression. Come on in today and let Matt design your next custom tattoo.